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2nd Latin American Humanist Regional Forum

Latin America United Without Wars and Without Violence
23-25 November 2007
La Paz, Bolivia

On Nov 23-25, 2007, humanist individuals and organisations joined with representatives of governments, political parties and diverse Latin American social movements for the 2nd Latin American Humanist Regional Forum.

The Forum was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, and was broadcast live through the national television of the host country. The President was awarded with the 'Prize for Coherence' in recognition of the actions that are being done in favour of his people.

Prior to the inauguration, a special ceremony for the Forum in honour of Pachamama and the Father Sun was held in the sacred land of Tiahuanaco (photo at left). Then everyone celebrated the Service, a ceremony of Silo's Message.

The first Latin American Humanist Regional Forum was held in 2006 in Quito, Ecuador. The next Forum will be held in Buenos Aires in 2009.



The Humanist Forum was launched in Moscow in 1993 by proponents of New or Universalist Humanism, a current of thought inspired by the ideas, writings, and actions of Silo (Mario Rodriguez Cobos). Since then, countless local forums have taken place around the world, and more recently, the first Humanist Regional Forums have been organized (Africa 2006, Europe 2006, Latin America 2006, Asia 2007, and Central America/Caribbean 2007).

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