FRAUDE: Mexico 2006 - Special Screening

  The North American New Humanist Forum is proud to present this very special screening of "FRAUDE: Mexico 2006", a new documentary by renowned filmmaker Luis Mandoki.

"Fraude: Mexico 2006" documents the events before, during and after election day in Mexico last year, in which Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party was eventually declared President, unleashing claims of fraud and a wave of popular indignation. The film claims to contain visual evidence of the fraudulent practices that took place, all recorded by the videocameras of ordinary Mexicans.

Fearing too much controversy, Warner Bros in Mexico demanded changes be made to the film if they were to distribute it, as they had initially intended. Unwilling to bow to the pressure, Mandoki refused.

"Fraude: Mexico 2006" will have its world premiere in Mexico on November 15. On Sunday November 18, the film will screen for the North American New Humanist Forum.

Pablo Mandoki will be present at the showing as the executive representative for his brother, Luís Mandoki.

In Spanish with English subtitles.