New Humanism and the Humanist Movement

NEW HUMANISM is a current of opinion based on the work of Mario Rodriguez Cobos (Silo) that places human freedom as the highest value and struggles against all forms of discrimination and violence. A decisively activist current of humanism, NH also emphasizes simultaneous personal and social change, recognizing that any change we wish for in the world will not be possible without corresponding changes in personal values, beliefs and actions; and also that our personal freedom expands or contracts according to the society in which we live.

The system, driven by global finance capital, continues to produce and to justify monstrosities of daily injustice and suffering and widening cycles of violence that threaten our very survival. The political parties and social, religious and business leaders are either unwilling or unable to stem this destructive tide. In this context, NH emphasizes the necessity to find both the mechanisms and the impetus for the 'people', the citizens of our region and the world, to become protagonists in a process of change based on active non-violence and framed by the following six points:

"First, (NH) advocates placing the human being as the central value and concern, with nothing above the human being and no human being above any other. Secondly, this movement affirms the equality of all people, and therefore works to go beyond the mere formality of equal rights before the law, to advance toward a world in which there is true equality of opportunity for all. Thirdly, it recognizes personal and cultural diversity, and therefore affirms the characteristics of all peoples and cultures, condemning all discrimination based on economic, racial, ethnic, and cultural differences. Fourth, it encourages any tendency that develops knowledge beyond the limitations imposed on thought by prejudices accepted as absolute or immutable truths. Fifth: it affirms the freedom of ideas and beliefs. And finally, it rejects all forms of violence, understanding that physical violence is not the only such expression, but that in addition, economic violence, racial violence, religious violence, as well as moral and psychological violence, are daily practices which have become deeply entrenched in every region of the planet." -Silo

In this way, NH denounces all forms of violence, including economic exploitation, religious intolerance and exclusion, racial violence and discrimination, as well as sexual, moral and psychological violence. But beyond denunciation, this movement has worked for nearly 40 years to build alternatives at many levels -- neighborhood, social, political, cultural -- guided by the image of a Universal Human Nation, a world without wars, and based on non-violence, the convergence of diversity, and progress for all human beings.

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