Disarmament Working Table

1. Within the region of North America, we have arrived to the consensus that the United States is, and historically always has been, the major perpetrator of the nuclear arms race, which endangers not only our own region, but the world-at-large.

2. Our main proposal, as members of this forum, is that the United States government respect the Non-proliferation Treaty (the NPT) that has already been signed, many years ago, by the majority of nuclear powers, and which proposes the dismantling of existing nuclear arsenals of all countries where nuclear weapons exist.

3. In an effort towards global disarmament, we must add new elements to the struggle, which include social, economic, cultural and environmental fields.

4. Because the major news media has fallen completely silent in regards to the impending threat of the nuclear arms buildup, we must make a concerted effort to reach as many new people as possible in order to encourage them to join our work towards abolishing nuclear weapons. We are convinced that it is of vital importance to obtain media attention on this issue and that we will only obtain this if we are many organized and committed people. We must be composed of many diverse communities with one single message--a message of the urgent necessity to dismantle all nuclear weapons and nuclear capabilities now.

5. By experience we are convinced that many new people will join our efforts when they realize that they, as common individuals, have the right to decide their future?a future that should be absolutely free from the threat of war and nuclear extinction.

6. Finally, we agree that the best way to reinforce our activities towards global peace and disarmament is through mutual support and networking, involving a multiplicity of individuals, communities and cultures, so that we become one universal voice in defense of a peaceful, nuclear-free human destiny.

Facilitator: Chris Wells