Economy Working Table

Inside the Hive
I can see the planes flying our Manhattan against a raging, gold tinged sky. Faces walking, colors talking destinations controlled by this wealth generation towering into the mid-town corporate sky scraping the countries and cities and peoples found roaming the street, nearby worker bees combing this hive survive. The vociferous Queen bee?s insatiable drive to generate poverty, global worldwide for the titans embedded and sitting astride their money dripped thrones vacuum cleaning our homes. Built on honey combed cube forms and digital drones Its coherently clear that the systems starting here the signs are already unfolding appeal. We are regional beings from humanities streams crossing through borders and cultures and dreams. This hive's already dead. It lives just in your head work together and build on thanks human instead.

We recognize each other in our differences and educate ourself on what we belief and think is the change. We have started to recognize there is a process that had started in different parts of the region and today we realized that is happening. We are spreading a word of hope and recognition. We compromise to support each other by communicating our local projects and supporting through building a network. We want to have the human as a central value and with that we can not go wrong.

Facilitator: Monica Lorza

poem by Ken Dickinson