Immigration Working Table

Immigration is the forced movement of people across borders for:

- Economic Reasons
- Climate Change or Natural Disaster
- Political Violence
- Religious, Sexual Persecution

Immigrants are not tourists who come to a country to have a good time and enjoy the culture. On the contrary, most of the immigrants love their home country and have been forced to leave for some reason. For many, it is to give to their children an opportunity they didn't have.

The U.S. has created most of the immigration conflict in North and Central America by developing a series of free trade agreements, such as NAFTA, that put millions of small Mexican farmers out of work and exhaust resources. They even pressure the Mexican Government to change its own constitution to steal the land of the Indigenous farmer and sell it to huge agricultural companies.

We recognize the burden facing Mexico on the immigration issue. Mexico is the number one country in the world for deporting immigrants, mainly coming from Central America and South America. 700 people from El Salvador leave every day trying to get to the U.S. through Mexico.

We are asking all the Union organizations to coordinate their efforts to develop a worker rights platform for the three countries.

We denounce the dehumanization and the illegality of the deportation and the raid organized against the undocumented immigrants. We should not be able to deport anyone before a judgment of a court has been made. Every Human Being has the right to justice. We ask the justice system to stand up and enforce its authority against this manipulative 'democracy'. We also ask the media and everyone else to change the vocabulary concerning the immigration issue. People should not be called 'illegal immigrants' but undocumented immigrants, and you can't associate terrorists with immigrants. The same process has been done before for the African-American and Women.

We propose the creation of a North American Immigrants Network, that will share, exchange and coordinate action against the discrimination of immigrants in the region.

Facilitator: David Andersson