Women Working Table

We appreciate your presence here for the past three days during the North American Forum: 'Thinking Beyond Borders'. The title of our working table was "WOMEN" and we talked about different issues affecting us today, we shared our opinions and thoughts, and discussed of what we can do to help. Some of the our conclusions were:

1. Better organize and unite women
This will enable women to become more active and involved, and will help us to work towards becoming equals with our counterparts. This is achievable by us meeting and planning more often and sharing our experiences.

2. Personalizing the help
Many of us think that because various helpful organizations already exist, we don?t need to continue to help ourselves. We should always remain active, aware and fully understand what our rights are so that we can help others.

3. Share information constantly and efficiently
Create a website where we can share information and keep each other informed.

4. Stand up for our rights.

We always complain about the laws the men create, but us women are the ones that raised and educated them. Therefore, we need to change the way we are raising our children, and we need to make a personal decision to consciously raise our boys as equally as we would raise our daughters.

This is the time for women to take a stand and say NO! We will not accept or tolerate any more male domination or violent and discriminatory behavior. We have the tools to make the necessary changes, and now is the time.

Our proposal is that everyday we should take a minute to reflect on our lives, we should think about who we are, where are we going, and what we want. We should form bonds and create internal connections with each other , so that we can being to overcome our internal issues and begin solving external ones.

Facilitator: Yolanda Andersson